The Worthing Journal


A Celebration of Sunny Worthing

Reader Comments

"I really enjoy The Journal, being an old Worthing girl."
Jean George

"A very good read. Have learnt a good deal."
Julie Barry

"We both enjoy The Journal."
Mr and Mrs Adams

"Much enjoyed."
Elizabeth Steel

"A pleasure to renew."
 Tony Clevett

"Great read."
Laurence Fry

"The Journal is thoroughly enjoyed and then passed to others with links to Worthing."
Jennifer Baker

"Thank you for reviving The Sentinel."
 Brigitte Pierce

"Love The Journal. Very reliable delivery too."
Mr and Mrs Boddy

"Great mag."
Mr and Mrs Payne

"Always look forward to it."
Miss P Beer

"Congratulations on the first year’s brilliant Journal."
Mrs B Allison

"Excellent magazine."
Pauline and John Thompson

"Just brilliant."
Mrs H Brassington-Hayes

"A great publication."
C Bateman

"A fabulous read."
Steve Small

"Worth every penny."
Alan Gunn

Alison Gilbert

Mrs R Head

"Love it."
Linda Kane

"Really enjoy it."
Mrs MJ Wilkins

"Great value."
 Alan Dunn

"Excellent publication."
Jean Maile

"Wonderful publication."
Robert Dumsday

"A very popular publication. Congratulations."
Lynn Gates

"Excellent Journal and delivery."
Eric Bamford

"Going from strength to strength."
R Tutheridge

"Presented in such an interesting style."
Ken Bridges

"We read every bit, cover to cover."
John Hayward

Your Journal is fantastic."
Peggy Moss

Mrs C Jones

 “Best way to keep up to date with what’s going on/gone on in the town - a great read.”
Mr and Mrs Allchin

“Excellent - a delightful window on Worthing.”
Mrs HP Butler

“My only addiction - your magazine.”
Eileen Godfrey

“The Worthing Journal only gets better.”
Mr Winbow

“Cannot put it down until I've read it all.”
Mrs Adsett

“Best £1-worth on the market.”
Mrs R Dinning

“There is so much to enjoy.”
Mrs DS O’Donohue

“Love the history.”
M & R Burholt

“Can’t wait for the next year’s.”
Mrs M Oakley

“We read every page.”
Mrs PA Baldwin

“Very good reading. Love it.”
Mrs Angela Finn

“So much information.”
Miss E Wells

“Thank you for such an interesting Journal.”
Rosemary Evans

“I really enjoy our walk down memory lane together.”
Mrs RM Pickles

“Very much enjoyed.”
Miss CJ Blunsdon.

“Most interesting.”
Ruth Beeching